Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy New Year!!!!!

God chose me to be given this gift. He filled me with curiosity and questions that sparked my interest back in 2005. He provided me with the courage and the initiative to approach the woman working in the bakery at Walmart to ask her, "where did you learn how to do that?" and yes she shared. He gave me the determination to take class after class and to practice and demonstrate what I had learned. ...He blessed me to be creative, use my imagination, and to bring people's dreams to life! Even though I was doing this because of my love and passion for it God allowed my work to be recognized resulting in my first magazine interview!! He favored me, he favored me, he favored me and because of it I had the honor and privilege this year to be apart of so many special occasions!!! With all my love to all my clients, family, and friends I say thank you! I truly appreciate your business, your love and your support!!! 2012 was such a creative year for me but I know my God has much more in store for me!!! Are you ready??? I'm ready to take Sweet E's cakes to the next level!! Praying that God continues to order my steps, you all pray for me and then we watch him work it out!!! Thank you all again!!! I love you all.. Happy New Year!!!!

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