Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Elmo Cake and cupcakes

These cupcakes and cake was made for a friend of the family little daughter for her second birthday. She absolutely loved Elmo! I absolutely love making Elmo cupcakes!!! Mom was too excited!!! Happy 2nd birthday.

A Traveler's Cake...21st bday cake

This cake was made for a young lady who was turning 21 years old and who loves to travel. Her godmother wanted a cake to represent her god daughter's travels. Happy 21st birthday and Safe travels!!!

Hello Kitty everything!!!!

I was asked to make a three tiered cake, cupcakes, cake pops, and cookies for a one year old little girl's birthday party! This was my first try at cookies but I think I did pretty good for a first try. The party was absolutely gorgeous!! I felt like I walked into Candy Land!! Although this was my biggest order, it was an honor and a privilege to be a part of this little girl's special day!!! Happy 1st birthday!!!

Mickey Mouse playhouse cake and cake pops

I absolutely loved making this cake for a little boy's first bday. Making character cakes are so much fun and especially my favorite character, Mickey mouse. I was trying to make his cake look as much as Mickey's playhouse as possible. Happy first bday baby boy! Enjoy!!

Happy 18th birthday!!

Turning 18 is a pivotal time in any young girl's life. I was pleased to create this cake for my former student who was turning 18 years old. This was my first attempt at making numbers and I didn't realized how difficult it would be. You just carve some numbers right? Well yes and no!!! Once I figured it out I believe the end result came out rather nicely for a first try. Happy birthday Ling Ling!!!

BINGO cupcakes

These cupcakes were made for a former student of mine mother for her bday. She absolutely loves playing Bingo and so her daughter came up with the idea of me making her Bingo cupcakes. Mom absolutely enjoyed the cupcakes!! Happy birthday!!

American Girl cake for an American girl

This cake was made for a 7 year old little girl who loved American Girl dolls and was very girlie. What better way to celebrate her birthday than with and American Girl cake. I added the makeup and jewelry to give it the girlie touch!!! Happy 7th birthday! Enjoy!!

A bday cake for the Florida Gators biggest fan!

This cake was made as a bday cake for a former student of mine is an die hard Florida Gators fan!!! (Go figure... Lol). He absolutely loved it. Happy birthday Jay!!! P.S. ROLLTIDE!!!! (insider)..

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Graduation cake

I don't know if you have ever experienced but have you ever agreed to do something and then you say to yourself why did I do that? This was one of the times! LOL... I never did a cake with such a detailed design before. Its obvious I love a challenge so I took the cake on. I am so very proud of myself. It took awhile to do but I can honestly say I love the outcome!!!

Karate Cakes

I had the honor and privilege of being called by a former student and asked if I could make these two cakes for a family member who was turning 4. The theme of his party was Asian inspired. When I first received the pics for the cakes I really was like how am I going to pull this one off? With a little brainstorming, I figured it out and this is what I came up with!! I absolutely enjoyed making these cakes. It made me think outside the box and I finally got to do something different!!! Happy Birthday!!!

Friday, March 8, 2013

Red, white, and blue graduation cake

I had the honor and privilege of making this cake for a former client of mine who wanted to do something nice for a young lady who was graduating from military high school. Her party colors were red, white, and blue so I decided to incorporate the flag on her cake. Congrats and I wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors.

For my future military man!!! Go Navy ROTC

I made this cake for my son's 17th birthday. His future goals are to join the military and I thought it would be a very cool idea to make a cake that looked like his JROTC shirt. The birthday boy was surprised and very happy to say the least and his response when he saw it was, "Mom, I should've given something a little harder to do!" Happy birthday Quad 3. Mommy loves you to infinity and beyond!!!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Is it a boy or is it a girl cake??

One of my faithful customers asked me to make this cake for her co-worker who was expecting a baby. Unfortunately, she didn't know what she was having so my customer asked if I would make a boy/girl themed cake. It was an absolute joy to make this cake!! I am happy to report that the mother to be and the rest of her co-workers enjoyed this cake. Congratulations!!!