Monday, August 27, 2012

Champagne glasses and rum cupcakes!!!

This cake and cupcakes were made for a birthday celebration for a friend's daughter. The fun part about this was definitely making the cupcakes. The client wanted to bite into the cupcake and taste the rum. At midnight, I received a text saying the cupcakes were delicious and that her daughter absolutely loved her birthday cake! Mission accomplished!!! :)

Blueberry flavored Sigma Cupcakes

This blog page serves me well!!! I got a call from a customer who liked my Omega cupcakes that I had done previously and she wanted to know if I could do Sigma cupcakes for her boyfriend. The only catch is that her boyfriend wanted a blueberry cake!!!! OMG!!!! I was up for the challenge being as though I had never made a blueberry cake. Fresh blue berries were put into the batter and for a first timer, it tasted amazing!!!! I decorated the cupcakes using buttercream icing in the Fraternity's colors and adorned the top with the Sigma symbol. Happy birthday and I hope you enjoy!!!!

Gifts for a 16 year old girl....

This cake was made for a friend's daughter for her Sweet 16 birthday. She wanted her cake to look like stacked presents. What girl wouldn't want presents on her birthday???? The cake was a regular yellow cake, crumb coated in buttercream icing and covered in fondant. Needless to say, it was a hit with the birthday girl and the rest of the party goers! Happy birthday!!

Welcome Prince Damonie!!!

This cake was done for a baby shower for a baby boy. The decorations were similar to those used to decorate the baby shower. The cake was a regular yellow cake with buttercream icing. Fondant accents were used to decorate the cake. Congrats Dyonna!

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jordan cake returns but in red and black!!!

Not only did my son hire me to make a cake for his friend but my daughter did the same thing!!! On all weekends!! LOL...... This 8 inch round was made for a very dear friend of my daughter for his birthday.... he was all too pleased and so was his mom!!! Happy birthday Steak!!! (insider) Hope you enjoyed it!!!

Omega Psi Phi cupcakes make an appearance again!!!!

These cupcakes were done for a friend's father who happened to be a Que! On this batch, I made sure the purple wasn't too dark because when it mixed with the yellow the icing turned green. My guess is that they liked them because my cupcakes made a guest appearance of his wife's Twitter page!!! Yay me!!!

Tiffany's gift box cake....

This weekend was a very busy one so I couldn't believe when my son (the Chef) asked me to make him this cake for his very dear friend for her birthday. Didn't he learn this stuff in Culinary School??? (LOL)... This cake was so much fun to do... What girl wouldn't want a gift from Tiffany's???? (Raising my hand during this post!!)

Monster High and basketballs........

This was a very busy weekend and here is one of the reasons why....Cakepops!!! I love doing them but working on a tiny canvas can be pretty difficult!!! I am overall pleased with the end product.

Spiderman Cupcake Cake...My first try!!!

This weekend I had the privilege to make a Spiderman cupcake cake for a birthday party. Was so nervous about doing so because it was my first try!!! After a lot of brainstorming this was the final product. I am very pleased to say that the customer absolutely loved it!!!!