Thursday, February 28, 2013

Finding Nemo party for Nemo!

I had the pleasure of making a Finding Nemo cake and matching cake pops for a little three year old boy affectionately called Nemo. This was absolutely fun to make especially since I love the movie!!! Everything, except the Happy birthday sign on the cake was edible! I was my first try at making a gumpaste Nemo and his turtle friend and if I do say so myself I didn't do too bad!! Happy Birthday Nemo!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

National Job Shadowing Day at Westside High School

My brother being the CTAE coordinator at his school needed a cake for National Job Shadowing Day at his school. He was having a program and passing out awards and other certificates for student and job site participation. This was my creation. When asked what type of cake it was my brother replied, "Good cake. Taste it." So they did just that and then he asked them, "What type of cake is it?" and they replied,"Good cake!" I thought this was too funny!

Valentine's Day cake pops and cupcakes for my Valentines

Every year, I go out and purchase four boxes of Valentine's Day candy for my Valentines, aka my children. Well, in 2011, they begged me not to purchase them Valentine's Day candy because they absolutely hated it!!! They would take bites off of each candy and then throw it away...LOL.. So last year started a new tradition, I would give them all the candy that they loved in their own separate gift bag. This year, I decided to make they a cupcake and a cake pop bouquets. They absolutely loved them, even my grandson!!! No throwing these sweets away!!!

Hello Kitty cake for a 5 year old Fashionista!!!

My former students keep me busy and this time was no exception!! (I love it!!!). I had the honor and privilege of making the birthday cake and cake pops for my former student's 5 year old daughter. Her theme was Hello Kitty with a twist because she was having her bday party at a Day Spa for little girls. The venue was absolutely amazing. I got to see the day girl now at 5 years old and she loved her cake! Happy birthday Tryn!!!

Cowboy hat cake for Valentine's Day

I absolutely love doing the cowboy hat cake so it was very exciting when I was asked to do one for the mom of two of my former students. She wanted the cake made for her co-workers for Valentine's Day. She said they loved it but they wouldn't cut it... That always is very funny to me when people refuse to cut the cake!!! LOL... Happy Valentine's and please cut the cake!!!

Rose cake for a grandmother's bday

This cake was created for the grandmother of a former student of mine. Her family was giving her grandmother a big party for her 63rd birthday. Her grandmother absolutely loved roses so why not creat a rose cake? Her grandmother absolutely loved the cake.Happy birthday grandma!! Enjoy!!! .

Birthday Party Cake... Yo Gabba, Gabba

I know some will think I went overboard but I don't care! My universe, aka my grandson, had to have a different cake for his actual bday party correct?? Each tier was a different flavor: chocolate, strawberry, and vanilla. There was so much cake that we began passing it out to total strangers at the venue!!! Everyone enjoyed it and I managed to get a few new fans because of it! LOL....

Sunday, February 17, 2013

YaYa's Universe turns 1!!!!

My universe aka my grandson is now a year old!!! I can't believe it!! Funny how time flies when you are having soooo much fun!! Although his mom was giving him a big party on the weekend, YaYa, that's me, insisted that her Universe have a cake on his actual birthday so that we could celebrate this important milestone. He absolutely loves Yo Gabba Gabba and since his mom said to just make cupcakes I decided to make a Muno cupcake cake! I must admit, I was a little intimidated by this challege, but I love a challenge!! After I was done, my daughter said, "This could've been his cake for his party on Saturday." Of course she received the side eye treatment!! (LOL) Happy birthday to YaYa's Universe. Looking forward to the many more years to come...(Check back with me when he turns 2... :))