Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Sic Em Boy!!! My try at a Georgia Bulldog cake

Things this week have slowed down at bit. There were a lot of events (Gay pride parade, NASCAR racing, Falcons vs. Ravens...GO RAVENS!!! and college football) happening in the Atlanta this week so I decided to make a cake to celebrate one of them. I decided to make a Georgia Bulldog cake to celebrate the game that was happening here against Boise State. I always get asked to make a Georgia Tech cake but never a Georgia Bulldog cake. This one was a bit difficult because 1. I chose to decorate an 8 inch round, 2. It was very difficult to put so much detail on an 8 inch round, and 3. Did I say I shouldn't have used an 8 inch round? (LOL)... The cake was Red Velvet with Buttercream icing that I sprayed red. Anyway, no matter the size cake pan I used I think I did a pretty amazing job. When my children asked who the cake was for and I told them that I made it for them they were too excited! Needless to say, the cake only lasted 24 hours.

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